Since our first disaster relief mission trip to Biloxi, Mississippi (post-Hurricane Katrina), in November of 2005, it’s been a priority of River’s Edge Ministries to avail ourselves to the needs of those who have been through the storm … be it a hurricane, flood, tornado, human-generated catastrophe, or just the difficulties of life. An outpouring of support for our first City Mission: Baltimore in 2014 fostered a heartwarming success story of ‘doing mission’ in our own backyards. Hundreds, of all ages, donated their time and their prayers. River’s Edge is now dedicated to serving both locally and across our nation whenever the need arises and wherever the Spirit leads.


The desire of River’s Edge is to lead these events as a conduit for the greater Body of Christ to come together in service to our communities, in the Name of Jesus Christ. We welcome you as ‘mission partners’ to participate with us …





City Mission is our annual local Mission Event, the 3rd Week in May. Please mark your calendars for May 14-18, 2024. Details and registration forthcoming!



PHOTOS FROM PAST EVENTS (Both our local City Mission Event & Cross Country Mission Disaster Relief Trips):