Since our first disaster relief mission trip to Biloxi, Mississippi (post-Hurricane Katrina), in November of 2005, it’s been a priority of River’s Edge Ministries to avail ourselves to the needs of those who have been through the storm … be it a hurricane, flood, tornado, human-generated catastrophe, or just the difficulties of life.



River’s Edge currently hosts and leads mission work locally in Maryland through City Mission (CM), and disaster relief trips in other states through Cross Country Mission (CCM). Our desire is to bring different denominations together to work alongside one another as the Bride of Christ. We welcome you as ‘mission partners’ to participate with us …





Cross Country Mission: Indian Lake, OHIO: August 5-10, 2024 … REGISTER HERE

Photos from Cross Country Mission: Clarksville, Tennessee – January 2024.

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Photos from City Mission: Baltimore & Beyond 2023.

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