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Checks can be mailed to:
PO Box 1074
Mt. Airy, MD 21771

Missions Your Gift Will Support
  • Developing our 14-acre landbase into a Missional Life Center, to be used by the broader Church for a multitude of activities
  • City Mission
  • Cross Country Mission
  • City Mission Light
  • Music-Mission Fest
  • Olde Fashioned Christmas in the Barn
  • Ancient Easter Vigil of Light
  • Various spontaneous worship gatherings


Your gifts make the work of River’s Edge Ministries possible. We are also privileged to resource and come alongside various churches and missions beyond the immediate work of River’s Edge:

Christian Lighthouse Church, Mount Airy, Maryland
327453246_582445647112337_55233329365976159_n (1)
Makayla & Tom Swearman, Czech Republic
Brookfield, Wisconsin